To Moscow

In 1996 Moscow stores no longer suffered from shortage of groceries. They sold almost every- thing, yet it was not always on the shelves. However there was plenty of chocolate which surely had some allure to it.

At the moment I was working on the project entitled Russian Anti-Depressants, so I set off for the chocolate factory to see people who actually produce chocolate, one of the remedies for happy mood. It is an important detail that in the Soviet era and some time after each box of chocolate contained a small piece of paper that reminded of little personal note with the following inscrip- tion: "Packer No. ... Name...... Surname.............".

The first name and the last name have always been indicated on it. Therefore, a box of chocolate was not entirely anonymous as it transmitted feelings of its consumers to its creators. The staff of the chocolate department consisted only of female laborers, with the only exception of the male department head who stood out especially as he possessed a huge mobile phone, a luxury

2010, 8 photographs, barite prints, each 75x113 cm

Installation view: Compossibilities, Kunsthalle Erfurt, Erfurt, 2013