High Road #8

“Photos were made on Route 8 right next to the MKAD, Moscow's beltway, one of the places where migrant workers gather for informal hire by the hour or the day. Migrant labor is an necessary part of life in Moscow. But at the same time, this place at the city limits is a blind spot or an eyesore that does not “fit in” to the city’s formal self-image. The group in these photos has a strange unity; its plasticity and outer appearance is monolithic and restrained, tense and expectant. Astoundingly, there are no tools, no instruments, no worker's clothes; all of these are supplied by the employee. You can tell that most of these people have not left behind cities, but their native soil, which they seem to carry around where-ever they go. Maybe this is why they seem to gravitate to the ground, squatting down on their haunches in every free minute, only to jump and flush like birds at the sight of the approaching militia or a stopping car. Then, they sit down again. This territory belongs to them fully, a small patch of earth on the highway's  shoulder...”


2007, 6 photographs, С-prints on aluminum, each 100 x 150 cm; 2 photographs, optical gelatin silver prints, each 60 x 90 cm